Saying the things polite Christians don't.

My first post, my first peeve. This is an appeal to all screenwriters, authors, novelists, basically anyone who puts a creative pen to paper.

Writers influence culture. Perhaps more than any other profession. Actors say what writers write. People buy what copywriters tell them to. Laws are written by writers who have learned to write in that style. People do what writers tell them to do.

So next time, in your sitcom, play, short story, or perhaps that spellbinding yarn with which you regale your friends, take this dare… If you…dare.

Next time your central character whacks his thumb with a hammer instead of taking our Lord’s name in vain, have him call out, Allah! Or Muhammad.

Eyebrows will be raised.

For too long Christians have kept quiet amid this culture of throwing our Lord’s name about as an appropriate response to pain, frustration, anger. It’s time we said, no! It is not appropriate. It is never appropriate. Fellow Christian, you know it isn’t. Your skin crawls when you are watching TV and you hear some clown use it. Of all the expletives that litter our media this is the worst. This is the Living God and we are keeping silent while others treat His Name like garbage.

Wouldn’t it be far simpler to use the name of a false god?

Won’t this upset the Muslims? Yep, you bet. There will be no end to the foot-stomping, screaming, hair-tearing, perhaps even a murderous fatwa from the religion of peace.

The poor darlings. They will be feeling the way Christians have been feeling for years. The media, and our media riddled culture is full of offensive traps for the unwary Christian. I’m not a prude but I did all that in my life before Jesus. I’m trying to live differently now; in the Way Everlasting.

It will also upset our politicians. Imagine the umming and erring that will go on as they, buckling under pressure from the Muslims, try to tell us to stop offending their god. Or rather, their concept of God.

We don’t have to single out Islam although they would surely be the loudest and most interesting to watch. To be honest I doubt that the Muslims are even particularly noteworthy offenders. It’s the secular culture that needs to be set right. Secular writers influence society far more than any religious writers. And besides, there are plenty of false gods to go around.

We could say, “I krishnaed the car last night. Total wreck. Moonied my arm up pretty good.”

Or,”What the Buddha!”

Obviously this is going to ridiculous extremes. It’s never going to happen and if it did, these names can’t create the offence that taking our Lord’s Name in vain can. The principle is simple; we aren’t commanded to keep the names of man-made gods holy. Only the Lord’s name. This is the very reason it is so offensive, and regrettably, why so many do it, to take our Lord’s name in vain; He is God.

It also happens because we don’t protest much. This is something the Muslims can teach us, although perhaps we don’t have to do it quite as well. When something offends the Muslim’s religious sensibilities he protests. Loudly.

Are Christians not sufficiently passionate about our religion to protest? On the surface it seems that way. We tend to protest passively. If we don’t like a product we simply don’t buy or watch it. Unfortunately all this does is produce a minuscule drop in sales or ratings. So minuscule in fact that the producer can just ignore us. They don’t ignore the Muslims however.

Muslims are noisy. They make sure their grievances get noticed.

Perhaps we should take a lesson from them. Or, we could let their noise work for us.

If we were to start using their god’s name as a curse, the ensuing murderous rage by the religion of peace would raise public awareness of the distress caused by cursing with our Lord’s Name.

This is back door advertising at its worst, but it would work. A far better idea would be for us to make our grievances known and then adopt the passion these people have for their faith.

This is really offensive language and Christians are silent about it. I have never read a ‘Letter to the Editor’ about it. I’m guilty too. I have never called a TV or radio station to complain. I, until now, have done nothing, said nothing. But I will try to rectify this.

If you have any ideas about how we could change this culture, or change ourselves to change the culture, please leave a comment.


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  1. good artical for me. thank you.


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