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Christian Pro-Choice? An Oxymoron

I was listening to Todd Friel on Wretched Radio the other day, while Todd was talking to students at a Catholic University. He was asking how people felt about the bill recently passed banning late term abortions. (This was a prerecorded podcast from 2011 but for the purposes of this post the date doesn’t matter).

I was really surprised to hear a couple of young women who identified as both Christians, and pro-choice.

Mhm. Really? Now that is an interesting position. See, my Bible says, Thou shall not kill. It’s probably one of the simplest commands and it’s not open to interpretation. We know what killing is. We know what happens when one is killed. It’s easily understood; don’t do it.

Jesus saw no need to correct the matter. In fact He reinforced it, telling us to turn the other cheek. The implicit understanding was to do this rather than striking back.

Now the questions which arise obviously at this point are, “Is the zygote, cell-cluster, embryo, foetus, alive? Did this union of sperm and egg, this conception, produce life, and at which point afterwards did life occur?”

Knowing that they will have to admit that abortion is murder if indeed the above is a human life – and what other kind could it be – the typical Pro-Choice blunder is to argue that it is not.
Life begins, they say, when the foetus is able to
live outside of the womb.
There are other responses the Pro-Choice lobby may give but the is the main one I’d like to shoot down.

The following is a portion of an article sourced from The

The large studies, led by teams at University College London (UCL) and Queen Mary, University of London, compared babies born between 22 and 26 weeks in 2006 with those born between 22 and 25 weeks in 1995.

The first examined immediate survival rates and health. Researchers found that overall survival rates increased by 13% during this period.
However, the proportion of premature babies who experience serious health problems has remained “largely unchanged”, according to two studies.


Consider this: Preterm birth mortality is improving. It’s fair to say that this is due to advances in medical science, prenatal care and technology. In all likelihood this trend will continue.

It is easy to envision a time when technology will permit the premature birth to survive at any stage of its development. We can see the zygote growing to full term outside of the womb.

Now, when such a time arrives, and it will arrive, will medicine have accomplished the impossible and created life where there was none? Remember, life begins when the infant can live outside the womb (presently about 23 weeks). Ten minutes post conception presently has no chance.

When that conception can live outside the womb, albeit aided by technology, will the Pro-Choice people stand by their determination of when life begins? I hardly think so.

The stage of development at which life begins does seem to be the tipping point for those Christians who won’t take a life but will have an abortion. This person needs convincing of the fact that life begins at conception, not at a date determined by convenience.

It’s believed, that life starts when the foetus can live outside the mother’s body because a doctor said so. There is nothing to support this. As advances in science allow for this to happen at an earlier stage of development, the same reasoning says life must accordingly begin earlier.

That is absurd! Life either begins at 23 weeks or it does not. This is not flexible like the onset of puberty. One is alive or not alive.

Medical science may well be able to save a life, preventing it from expiring, but it cannot create life where there has been none.

This is the province of The Almighty God. The existence of life is one of the great evidences of our Creator. Scientists may alter, delay, advance and correct (any imperfections in the embryo which may be corrected by geneticists or surgeons exist as a result of the Fall and were not God’s intention), but they cannot create life.

Any expectant mother can tell you she is carrying a life well before 23 weeks. Even those intent on aborting the pregnancy, if they could hear the truth through the mountains of denial, would say the same.

Here’s a word for the atheist: Human beings are the only species that deliberately murder their unborn. Nature shrieks when a child is aborted. It goes against the harmonious operation of every atom in the universe. The miracle of birth disrupted.

God, the Master of Life, its Creator and Sustainer has a plan for you. He has a plan for every single one of us. He has a plan for the unborn child. Abortion disrupts that plan.

Getting back to the young women being interviewed by Todd Friel. How is it possible for a person to identify both as Pro-Choice, and as a Christian? If it isn’t a case of massive denial, it has to be a case of ignorance of the facts. This is assuming, of course, that the women are Christians. Many who say they are, are not.

The Lord said it is a narrow gate that few find. Put quite simply if she is a Christian, she would not find a premise on which to stand her Pro-Choice sentiments. She is most likely an unsaved woman who likes the idea of the abortion safety net? The Lord changes our thinking. A saved person would not, could not think that way.

Substitute any other sin in place of the word, ‘Abortion,’ and say the following: “I am a Christian who is in favour of theft. . . . In favour of adultery . . . of murder, lust, bigamy.”

If you can stomach that then perhaps you can say, “I am a Christian who is in favour of abortion.”

Harry K.


Turning Away the Gay


The marina and main beach

I live in a major country town on the East coast of Australia, called Coffs Harbour. The town is on the Pacific Highway about midway between Brisbane and Sydney. Nestled between the rich green hills and hinterland to the west, and the ocean to the east, with an almost perfect climate, it is, simply beautiful.

Coffs Harbour has a seasonal population of between 40 and 65,000


The area abounds with spots like this

Somehow, up to now, we have escaped the major development frenzy that has turned Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast into a concrete jungle. Coffs has plenty of unspoilt beaches and the sunshine to go with them. There are no shadows of skyscrapers on the dunes.

Clocks run a little slower in Coffs.


The marina

Needless to say, tourism is a major industry here. The business is very seasonal and many business owners would tell you that without the busy tourist seasons, they couldn’t hold on. Unlike the Gold Coast which is within an easy drive of Brisbane, Coffs has no nearby major population centres. It’s about 4 hours drive to Brisbane. A bit too far for a day trip. Consequently, people who come here make an effort to do so. They tend to stay, at least overnight.

And so our secular City Council, charged with the task of bringing the tourists to town, reasoned that we needed a homosexual shot in the arm.

Yes, that’s right. Did I mention that included in our population is the national proportion of children? Maybe more than the average; the area is popular with families and young people.

Of all the demographics to entice our councillors decided to go for the 2%. They said they wanted to make Coffs Harbour the premier gay destination in Australia.

I can see the billboards now… (should I write it? I can take it out later… This is a Christian blog)

Heavenly Homo Holidays!

I mean, Come on!… we’ve already got the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras to our national shame. I think its full title is the Sydney Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Mardi Gras. That cesspool of filth is so well known now it’s simply known as the Sydney Mardi Gras. They dropped the gay and lesbian part safe in the knowledge that deviant communities the world over know what it is.

Celebrating their sins

Celebrating their sins

And they wanted to do this to Coffs Harbour. The promotion would not be the salvation of local tourism, but the end of it. Straight away it offended the Christian community and they are a considerably larger demographic than the LGBTs. (Sounds like a car, doesn’t it? LGBTs, five speed, fully optioned. LGBT, straight to Hell).

The promotion kicked off in time with the first annual (We’ll see about that) Coastout festival.

The next thing would be homosexual marriage packages. Homo Honeymoons. Sorry, couldn’t resist it.

To many of us who live here, Coffs Harbour is as good as it gets. For me it’s an earthly sample of heaven. If you could see where I came from, when I was living for myself, you would understand why I feel this way.

So, we fought back. The Christian churches, well, some of them at least, objected to council. They telephoned, held meetings, prayed.

And…it went away! Well seemingly. I wouldn’t expect the LGBT community in Coffs to go skulking back to their closets quietly, but they appear to have done just this.

Never doubt the power of prayer! A search of the local paper, The Coffs Coast Advocate, of Coastout revealed nothing more recent than 2011. Of course this could be that the paper lost interest; gays harp on about their sexuality so much that one might wonder if they have anything else to offer.

When I set out to write this my intention was not to attack the LGBT community but rather the elected officials whose job it is to service and enrich the entire community. I found it difficult to draw a line between the two.

The Town Council is answerable to the community who reply with their votes. It is easy to understand, though not condone, why they kowtow to the LGBT.

Most importantly is that both groups, and everyone else, are answerable to God.
The LGBT people around the globe are getting louder and stronger. It’s worth remembering though that it is the Mouse That Roared. No matter how noisy they get, they represent only 2 – 2.5% of the population. A group this small can only have this big influence because we permit it.

I also believe I will be held accountable for my silences.

The problem is on the back burner in Coffs. It is going to get worse. The Bible tells us this, and as long as we have spineless politicians who have never read it, there will be more for me to write on the topic.

I ask you to join me in prayer that the Holy Spirit will sweep through the LGBT community in Coffs Harbour, for only He has the power, and create the only real, permanent change.

Should We Witness to Catholics?

I think most Christians would agree that we ought to be witnessing to anyone who isn’t a Christian. That’s practically a given. So then, our first task must be to qualify our audience. Are Catholics Christian?

They look like Christians. They have a Bible on the lectern, a crucifix on the wall. But sadly, that’s where the similarity ends.

Christians don’t pray to Mary. Nor do they pray to the saints. We hold Mary in high esteem, she is mother of our Lord Jesus, but that’s where it ends. Catholics turn to Mary in prayer, hold her in adoration. Catholics call this idolatry veneration, but the practise goes far beyond this. Statues of Mary adorn Catholic churches and there are prayer cards in the millions printed to the Blessed Virgin.

Among the names given to Mary perhaps the most damning are The Queen of Heaven and Mary as Co-Redemptrix.

Co-Redemptrix! Just pause here and think about that. Mary, as co-equal with our Lord Jesus as the Author of Our Salvation. Now, when you have swallowed that, ask yourself if Catholics are Christians.

A Christian depends on Christ for his or her salvation. Christ alone. Even if Mary could influence her Son (she can’t), Christians would not turn to her because Christians depend on Jesus alone for salvation.

Mary can do nothing. She cannot hear prayers, she cannot answer prayers, the Bible is quite clear on that. Ecclesiastes 9:5. All Catholics succeed in doing when they pray to Mary is breaking the 2nd Commandment.

Then we have prayers to the Saints. I remember a tv news segment about the Australian woman, Mary MacKillop, who was canonised in 2010. The interviewer was talking to a teenager in hospital. The teenager was delighted that Mary, formerly a nurse, was sainted. She (the teen), believed that her prayers to Mary MacKillop would make her well. This really tore at my heart. Inside I was shouting, ‘Pray to Jesus!’ And I was wishing the interviewer would say something. But of course, she didn’t.

Prayers to saints are like prayers to the Virgin Mary; useless and a breaking of the 2nd commandment. A person might as well pray to an old bed-sock. Yet the Catholic prayers to dead saints must far outweigh their prayers to Our Father, who, ironically, is the one who can answer prayers.

The next damning practise of Catholics is the teaching and belief of purgatory.

The idea of purgatory was kicked around as early as the 5th century but it wasn’t until the 11th century that it began to take shape as we know it today. Finally in 1254 at the Council of Lyon it was given its definition as a place where those without mortal sin may be cleansed after death.

Purgatory has been a real money spinner for the Catholic Church as they sell indulgences and hold Masses, for a price, for the dead. Who wouldn’t pay a few bucks to have the blowtorch removed from their loved one’s feet? But even this is not the real evil of Purgatory.

You see the concept of Purgatory assumes that when a person dies they still have unresolved sin. They go to Purgatory to be punished for this sin. The time they are in Purgatory can be shortened by purchasing indulgences or having a mass said for them. There are rules about who goes to purgatory but the short version is that it is just about everyone.

The real evil is the assumption that what Jesus did on the cross was not enough. When a person dies they still have sin to be dealt with. This is about as Unchristian as it gets. If any one thing disqualifies a Catholic from Christianity it is the belief in Purgatory.

As every Christian knows, that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Rom 10:9

We are rendered lily white when we become Christians. JESUS DID IT ALL. There is nothing remaining to be punished for in this man made Purgatory. Jesus forgives us every single infinitesimal sin. He leaves nothing. And if you believe otherwise, well, you are probably not a Christian. You see, believing in Jesus, which means more than simply believing He walked among us, but means believing in who He is and what He does. It just doesn’t add up that a person can believe that Christ doesn’t completely forgive, that He leaves something for purgatory, and still be a Christian.

Okay, so what if I’m a Catholic who doesn’t believe in Purgatory? Suppose I have a priest who has never spoken about it.

You don’t call this guy, Father, do you? Matthew 23:9 has something to say about that. And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

Have you heard of the concept of Papal infallibility? This is a dogma that says that the Pope is free from the possibility of error. He can’t be wrong. Forgive my ignorance but I thought there was only One to whom perfection could be attributed.

What about transubstantiation? This is the concept that the bread and wine used to represent the Blood and Body of Jesus in the Holy Communion actually becomes His Flesh and Blood. Read that again. It’s a very weird belief.

Okay, I’ll admit it, I am nitpicking.

Naturally all we can do is look at the behaviour and practises of Catholics. Only God can see the heart. I’m sure there are some Catholics that for whom Jesus is first, front and centre, every time. Unfortunately these are few and far between.

Should we witness to Catholics? Yes. There are just too many points of difference between a Christian and a Catholic. I have by no means made an exhaustive account of them.

I would mention that we ought to be gentle in our approach to Catholics; most are sincere in their faith, and practising Catholics are, for the better part, fairly decent people. Catholics breed Catholics. There is often a long family history with the church and we shouldn’t start our witnessing with the artillery. This can only cause resentment.

As always proceed with prayer. Lifelong held beliefs are tough to break and you will be rejected. But nothing is impossible with God.

But Christians Say Their’s is the Only Way…

And so do the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Hindus, Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses ad infinitum. In fact just about all the major religions make the same claim. About the only ones who don’t are the Baha’i faith. Their’s is a message that there is no such thing as an only way and that they are the only way with this message.

Islam is so convinced that they are the only way that they will kill you to prove the point.

Closer to home, Catholics so believe that theirs is the only way that some churches won’t even marry a couple unless both parties are Catholic.
(For more on why I did not include Catholics with Christianity watch this space).

Jehovah’s Witnesses are likewise convinced that they have the only card. Ditto the Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists.

Getting the idea? This is an identical concept right across the religious board.

So why are Christians singled out and given a shellacking for making this common claim? The only explanation is that we present a threat; because we present the truth.

Hold on, isn’t that the statement that got us here in the first place? Yes it is, but with all the objectivity I can muster I can’t see any other reason to shoot us down whilst letting the other religions slide.

Except that we have the truth. They will shoot us down for that.

And here I go, stating the truth, as truth, again.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Light. He is the Son of God and was crucified to pay for man’s sins. After being dead three days God rose Him back to life.

Thoughts on Gay Marriage

Gays already have the right to marry. They have exactly the same rights as heterosexuals. No more, no less. I am not free to marry a member of my own sex and neither are they.

Gays, just like heterosexuals, are free to marry a member of the opposite sex.

“But we don’t want too,” they cry. And in those words they declare their true desire. See, gays do not want equal rights. We have already established that. They have equal rights. It just doesn’t suit them.

Gays want extra rights. Rights above and beyond those extended to the hetero community. Is this fair?

Something that is seldom mentioned when we talk of minority rights is the watering down of a nation’s solidarity. Whenever a minority is given rights outside of those extended to the rest of society (and make no mistake, no matter how Hollywood portrays it gays only represent about 2% of the community), the foundational spirit of the nation is weakened. A person is no longer an American, Englishman or whatever, they are a Gay American. The log has been split and therefore weakened.

Where does such a person’s loyalty reside. With the nation or with their subgroup?

Divisions and subdivisions are not good for a nation. In the extreme example the country forgets the values that had once united them as one people.

In our recent history, if it were not for a united home front, everyone working for a single purpose as a single people, the allies would never have defeated the Nazis in WWII. I doubt that if the same circumstances were presented today such a unity could be achieved. The people are simply too divided.

No, it isn’t fair that a minority group should be handed the power to cause such a division. In particular when this right that they’re marching for is above and beyond the rights of the rest of the community.

Aren’t I being a little unfair? I mean, come on, gays just have no interest in a heterosexual relationship. It’s repugnant to them, right? Why should they be forced to conform to a societies values that run at odds to their own?

And the question ought to be; why should society have to change to accommodate every whim and fancy?

Marraige is one man and one woman. When you have two men or two women you have something else. Marraige was created by God. Does anyone really think He would allow a union expressly forbidden by Him to foul its sanctity?

Taking Our Lord’s Name in Vain.

My first post, my first peeve. This is an appeal to all screenwriters, authors, novelists, basically anyone who puts a creative pen to paper.

Writers influence culture. Perhaps more than any other profession. Actors say what writers write. People buy what copywriters tell them to. Laws are written by writers who have learned to write in that style. People do what writers tell them to do.

So next time, in your sitcom, play, short story, or perhaps that spellbinding yarn with which you regale your friends, take this dare… If you…dare.

Next time your central character whacks his thumb with a hammer instead of taking our Lord’s name in vain, have him call out, Allah! Or Muhammad.

Eyebrows will be raised.

For too long Christians have kept quiet amid this culture of throwing our Lord’s name about as an appropriate response to pain, frustration, anger. It’s time we said, no! It is not appropriate. It is never appropriate. Fellow Christian, you know it isn’t. Your skin crawls when you are watching TV and you hear some clown use it. Of all the expletives that litter our media this is the worst. This is the Living God and we are keeping silent while others treat His Name like garbage.

Wouldn’t it be far simpler to use the name of a false god?

Won’t this upset the Muslims? Yep, you bet. There will be no end to the foot-stomping, screaming, hair-tearing, perhaps even a murderous fatwa from the religion of peace.

The poor darlings. They will be feeling the way Christians have been feeling for years. The media, and our media riddled culture is full of offensive traps for the unwary Christian. I’m not a prude but I did all that in my life before Jesus. I’m trying to live differently now; in the Way Everlasting.

It will also upset our politicians. Imagine the umming and erring that will go on as they, buckling under pressure from the Muslims, try to tell us to stop offending their god. Or rather, their concept of God.

We don’t have to single out Islam although they would surely be the loudest and most interesting to watch. To be honest I doubt that the Muslims are even particularly noteworthy offenders. It’s the secular culture that needs to be set right. Secular writers influence society far more than any religious writers. And besides, there are plenty of false gods to go around.

We could say, “I krishnaed the car last night. Total wreck. Moonied my arm up pretty good.”

Or,”What the Buddha!”

Obviously this is going to ridiculous extremes. It’s never going to happen and if it did, these names can’t create the offence that taking our Lord’s Name in vain can. The principle is simple; we aren’t commanded to keep the names of man-made gods holy. Only the Lord’s name. This is the very reason it is so offensive, and regrettably, why so many do it, to take our Lord’s name in vain; He is God.

It also happens because we don’t protest much. This is something the Muslims can teach us, although perhaps we don’t have to do it quite as well. When something offends the Muslim’s religious sensibilities he protests. Loudly.

Are Christians not sufficiently passionate about our religion to protest? On the surface it seems that way. We tend to protest passively. If we don’t like a product we simply don’t buy or watch it. Unfortunately all this does is produce a minuscule drop in sales or ratings. So minuscule in fact that the producer can just ignore us. They don’t ignore the Muslims however.

Muslims are noisy. They make sure their grievances get noticed.

Perhaps we should take a lesson from them. Or, we could let their noise work for us.

If we were to start using their god’s name as a curse, the ensuing murderous rage by the religion of peace would raise public awareness of the distress caused by cursing with our Lord’s Name.

This is back door advertising at its worst, but it would work. A far better idea would be for us to make our grievances known and then adopt the passion these people have for their faith.

This is really offensive language and Christians are silent about it. I have never read a ‘Letter to the Editor’ about it. I’m guilty too. I have never called a TV or radio station to complain. I, until now, have done nothing, said nothing. But I will try to rectify this.

If you have any ideas about how we could change this culture, or change ourselves to change the culture, please leave a comment.