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But Hitler was a Christian

I was watching a YouTube clip on the World War II recently and I was surprised when I read the comments that some – admittedly a minority – claimed that Adolf Hitler was a Christian. The reasoning for this was that Hitler had attended church.

Now this much is true. As a youth Hitler did indeed attend church. It would seem he didn’t receive the message however. He was said to be intoxicated with the pomp and ceremony and splendour of the Mass.

This is a superb example of how church attendance does not make one a Christian. I explained this to the commentor and was promptly shot down with, Aren’t all the big wars religiously motivated? – And what about the crusades?

It is interesting that when people attack Christianity they often start with the crusades. This is much the same as attacking the Human Resources policies of a major corporation with an argument from the 1850s coal mines. As for the 2nd part of the argument:

I did a rough estimate of the number of deaths in wars that were religiously motivated. It’s not possible to get an accurate count but even if I’m wrong by an astronomical margin, as you will soon see, it doesn’t matter.

In the last 100 years – atheists will never agree to it – the vast majority of conflicts have not been religiously motivated. However, even giving the atheist the benefit of those borderline cases like the Arab/Israeli wars (an argument could easily be established for political, religious, territorial motives), the ball lies fairly and squarely in the religious corner for the purpose of this exercise.

Deaths due to religiously motivated wars in the past 100 years amount to about 5 million. That’s a lot of dead people but because of the propaganda machine of the secularists a lot of people would be expecting that figure to be a lot bigger.

Fair enough. For the purpose of this demonstration I’ll double it. Call it 10 million. (Take a few minutes to do the arithmetic yourself. You may be surprised).

Now, let’s look at the 2nd world war. Estimates are between 60 and 80 million killed in this terrible conflict.

But Hitler was a Christian, wasn’t he? No, he was not. You will not get any religious leader, or layperson for that matter, to agree with you.

There are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled in order for a person to become a Christian. Sitting in a church isn’t one of them. It is perfectly possible to be a dedicated Christian by every meaning of the word and not attend church. There are many reasons why a Christian might be absent from church for extended periods, or even permanently.

You can sit in the henhouse all day but it doesn’t make you a chicken.

Jesus commanded us to love one another. This quality could hardly be attributed to Hitler. We know of his crimes; there is no need to list them.

Joseph Stalin, another major player in WWII was a communist. A communist is by the very nature of the ideology, an atheist. A person living under the boot of communism has to believe, or come to believe (it is drummed into them), that their rights, necessities, and their comforts, if any, come from the State.

A loving, benevolent God undermines the authority of the State. Jesus and communism don’t mix because it is to Christ whom we owe for not only our salvation, but our next meal, our very next breath.

The aggressive manner in which communist authorities attack Christians is well documented. There are literally thousands of links to studies on this topic. The research is quite easy.

Let me be really clear about this: It is Grace by faith in The Lord Jesus Christ by which we are saved.
There is no other path to salvation. Period. Believing in the powers of the state to provide, attending church, kneeling to face Mecca, chanting, singing, praying, tongues, none of these. The pope cannot save. You can give all your money to charity, live in a cardboard box reading the Bible all day and still go to hell.

Jesus Christ and nothing else. There is no other way.

Now, let’s take another look at Hitler, shall we? I think by now that most people would agree the Adolf doesn’t fit, does he? At one point he was held as a messiah by the German people. This is because prior to Hitler a lot of Germans were doing it very hard. Under his leadership things got better.
But God doesn’t judge us according to man’s standards. He sees what is in the heart, and there can be no doubt that Hitler’s heart was very dark.

In his youth Hitler had attended church services and had even sang in the choir.

As an adult he was a war monger who started World War Two and set about the genocide of the Jews in Every country he conquered. He also murdered homosexuals, gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the disabled, the intellectually handicapped, political opponents and a host of other folk who didn’t fit into his perception of the new Germany.

There is considerably more evidence of Hitler’s forays into the occult than that of his Christian life.

No, once and for all, Adolf Hitler was not a Christian.

The Universe – An Exact and Deliberate Balance

We have all heard of the ozone layer and the role it plays in the earth’s climate. Well, we have heard what happens when there is too little ozone, anyway. Ozone depletion has been in all the news. What hasn’t been mentioned is the delicate balance of ozone that is required to sustain life on earth. Too much ozone and not enough UV light gets through to sustain plant growth.

I will quote now from Bible411

Scientists actually identified over 188 parameters within our solar system and 38 parameters elsewhere in the universe. Each of these parameters is so exacting that they could not happen by chance.

The ozone layer is just one of these parameters. The researchers at go into much more detail than I can possibly do here. This is just an appetiser.

The book, Origin of Matter, from which much if this material was sourced has over 4,000 quotes in support of Creation, and disproving Evolution theory. Of these 4,000 quotes that the encyclopaedia is comprised of only 164 are by creationists.

Can you grasp that? You smug, pig-headed evolutionist! Man, if it weren’t for your smug, condescending attitude I would leave you alone. But here it is. Even your experts don’t support you!

The truth is this. You would believe in God but you don’t want to give up your ways. Let’s call it what it is: you know that turning to Christ would require sacrifices on your part. You don’t want to quit your premarital sex, your free and easy lifestyle.

Haven’t I hit the nail on the head, Atheist? Perhaps you are gay. That is wrong. You know it. It is a perversion against man and nature. Not to mention, God, who probably wants to vomit when he sees your life.
Oh, you’re a woman trapped in a man’s body . . . . Crap! You are a pervert trying to pass yourself off as a human. I mean, how can you say this is human behaviour? You even give it non homosapian names: Lesbian, Gay, Transgender . . . What biology book gives such a diversity of sexuality.

Oops . . . did I stop editing myself? Gotta watch that. I don’t want to traumatise our sensitive, secular friends. And they do get upset when we throw a little back.

Hey Atheist. It’s time to pull your pants up and elevate your thinking.

This is why you won’t even consider life under the loving hand of God. You want to continue telling lies.

Yes, you lie to yourself, you lie to others. You would get fired if you told your boss the truth, wouldn’t you? If they ever found out what you were thinking. Not the stuff for the breakfast table, eh?

Yet you love this lifestyle. Jesus said it in John 3:19

And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

Back to the title point. We could accept one or two parameters as a coincidence. Perhaps even 10 or 15. But 188! Give me a break. Does Jesus have to parade down the Main Street before you will believe?

Well, yes. The Bible tells us just that. In the end, despite plagues, oceans turned into blood, angels descending from heaven . . . you will still not believe.

Here’s another: The proton to neutron ratio.

This must be within a tolerance of 1/1000 either way. That is one part in a thousand. Outside this tight limit chaos would result. The universe would be destroyed. Atoms would fly apart. This is just one of 188 parameters.

I’m not going to list all 188. In addition to Bible411, you should check out some pages of the Creation/Evolution Encyclopaedia. This is a good place to start. The Elemental Forces of the Universe

It is pretty hard to deny God when all the information hits you in the face. The long and outstanding problem has been the atheist scientist agenda of withholding the facts. Let me explain;
The scientific fraternity has known all this for a long time. Understandably so since they discovered most of it. But there is no way they are about to admit it.

The problem is that scientists, those working in the universities anyway, want tenure. Fair enough. Ambition is a noble thing, worthwhile. To get tenure they have to publish . . . wait for it . . . and here it comes . . . the curriculum is Evolution. No scientist who publishes creation is going to be tenured.

So they deny the evidence. And the evidence is in abundance. In addition to these 188 parameters which have to be in such tight check that coincidence is impossible, I have not even touched on Equidistant Letter Sequencing. Yet another evidence that the atheists slam the door on without investigation.

I digress:

The evidence from the study at Bible411, says 188 parameters is just too much to call a natural phenomena: about 184 too much. I’m in full agreement with that. I mean! one set means nothing, but it could raise an eyebrow. Two raises some serious curiosity, and three says – this is too much for coincidence. But four is absolutely outrageous! Four such parameters shrieks of a disciplined, creative mind at work.

188 in proof beyond all doubt.

Might this be the reason we have not found life elsewhere in the universe? Because it doesn’t exist, because just one of these criteria is not met. Because all these criteria fall within these tight parameters in only one place: here on earth the wasy God planned

And this is only one subset of proofs. There are similar tests that can be put to the Bible, archeology, the Jewish Holy Books and so on. The evidence is there if you look for it.

Few atheist scientists will look for the evidence however. Their minds are made up. They would rather talk about life on earth 20 million years ago, unrecorded and assumed, than consider what happened 2 thousand years ago in recorded history.

But I won’t scratch the line too deep in that sand. ??

See I don’t really care about the age of the earth; I figure it is unknowable. I only know that Jesus was there at its birth, because He created it. Whether there was a Big Bang when He did it, I don’t know. There was no-one around to tell. What became of the dinosaurs, Neanderthal man, I don’t know.

But this I do know: The earth is held in an extremely fine and delicate balance. Many of the 188 known parameters are of an elemental nature. The very building blocks. A minor variation doesn’t mean an extra day or two of rain, or hail, nor does it even mean an end of existence, but means that existence would not have taken place to begin with.

I took a Cynic’s path to becoming a Christian. For a long time I would not, could not believe. There was no alternate theory, I simply knew it wasn’t that one.

Well, what changed? As I got older I started to question my mortality. I had lived through an horrific car accident, I was a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. My personal desert had been hard and long. I had changed, not the evidence. I will save my full testimony for another post as it is too long and too off topic to put here.

Today I try to keep an open mind and it is this open mindedness that has led me write this post.

It is a giant universe and the vast majority of it is still unknown, and with present technology, unknowable.

All the more reason to say, ‘Why not God?’

Turning Away the Gay


The marina and main beach

I live in a major country town on the East coast of Australia, called Coffs Harbour. The town is on the Pacific Highway about midway between Brisbane and Sydney. Nestled between the rich green hills and hinterland to the west, and the ocean to the east, with an almost perfect climate, it is, simply beautiful.

Coffs Harbour has a seasonal population of between 40 and 65,000


The area abounds with spots like this

Somehow, up to now, we have escaped the major development frenzy that has turned Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast into a concrete jungle. Coffs has plenty of unspoilt beaches and the sunshine to go with them. There are no shadows of skyscrapers on the dunes.

Clocks run a little slower in Coffs.


The marina

Needless to say, tourism is a major industry here. The business is very seasonal and many business owners would tell you that without the busy tourist seasons, they couldn’t hold on. Unlike the Gold Coast which is within an easy drive of Brisbane, Coffs has no nearby major population centres. It’s about 4 hours drive to Brisbane. A bit too far for a day trip. Consequently, people who come here make an effort to do so. They tend to stay, at least overnight.

And so our secular City Council, charged with the task of bringing the tourists to town, reasoned that we needed a homosexual shot in the arm.

Yes, that’s right. Did I mention that included in our population is the national proportion of children? Maybe more than the average; the area is popular with families and young people.

Of all the demographics to entice our councillors decided to go for the 2%. They said they wanted to make Coffs Harbour the premier gay destination in Australia.

I can see the billboards now… (should I write it? I can take it out later… This is a Christian blog)

Heavenly Homo Holidays!

I mean, Come on!… we’ve already got the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras to our national shame. I think its full title is the Sydney Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Mardi Gras. That cesspool of filth is so well known now it’s simply known as the Sydney Mardi Gras. They dropped the gay and lesbian part safe in the knowledge that deviant communities the world over know what it is.

Celebrating their sins

Celebrating their sins

And they wanted to do this to Coffs Harbour. The promotion would not be the salvation of local tourism, but the end of it. Straight away it offended the Christian community and they are a considerably larger demographic than the LGBTs. (Sounds like a car, doesn’t it? LGBTs, five speed, fully optioned. LGBT, straight to Hell).

The promotion kicked off in time with the first annual (We’ll see about that) Coastout festival.

The next thing would be homosexual marriage packages. Homo Honeymoons. Sorry, couldn’t resist it.

To many of us who live here, Coffs Harbour is as good as it gets. For me it’s an earthly sample of heaven. If you could see where I came from, when I was living for myself, you would understand why I feel this way.

So, we fought back. The Christian churches, well, some of them at least, objected to council. They telephoned, held meetings, prayed.

And…it went away! Well seemingly. I wouldn’t expect the LGBT community in Coffs to go skulking back to their closets quietly, but they appear to have done just this.

Never doubt the power of prayer! A search of the local paper, The Coffs Coast Advocate, of Coastout revealed nothing more recent than 2011. Of course this could be that the paper lost interest; gays harp on about their sexuality so much that one might wonder if they have anything else to offer.

When I set out to write this my intention was not to attack the LGBT community but rather the elected officials whose job it is to service and enrich the entire community. I found it difficult to draw a line between the two.

The Town Council is answerable to the community who reply with their votes. It is easy to understand, though not condone, why they kowtow to the LGBT.

Most importantly is that both groups, and everyone else, are answerable to God.
The LGBT people around the globe are getting louder and stronger. It’s worth remembering though that it is the Mouse That Roared. No matter how noisy they get, they represent only 2 – 2.5% of the population. A group this small can only have this big influence because we permit it.

I also believe I will be held accountable for my silences.

The problem is on the back burner in Coffs. It is going to get worse. The Bible tells us this, and as long as we have spineless politicians who have never read it, there will be more for me to write on the topic.

I ask you to join me in prayer that the Holy Spirit will sweep through the LGBT community in Coffs Harbour, for only He has the power, and create the only real, permanent change.

Thoughts on Gay Marriage

Gays already have the right to marry. They have exactly the same rights as heterosexuals. No more, no less. I am not free to marry a member of my own sex and neither are they.

Gays, just like heterosexuals, are free to marry a member of the opposite sex.

“But we don’t want too,” they cry. And in those words they declare their true desire. See, gays do not want equal rights. We have already established that. They have equal rights. It just doesn’t suit them.

Gays want extra rights. Rights above and beyond those extended to the hetero community. Is this fair?

Something that is seldom mentioned when we talk of minority rights is the watering down of a nation’s solidarity. Whenever a minority is given rights outside of those extended to the rest of society (and make no mistake, no matter how Hollywood portrays it gays only represent about 2% of the community), the foundational spirit of the nation is weakened. A person is no longer an American, Englishman or whatever, they are a Gay American. The log has been split and therefore weakened.

Where does such a person’s loyalty reside. With the nation or with their subgroup?

Divisions and subdivisions are not good for a nation. In the extreme example the country forgets the values that had once united them as one people.

In our recent history, if it were not for a united home front, everyone working for a single purpose as a single people, the allies would never have defeated the Nazis in WWII. I doubt that if the same circumstances were presented today such a unity could be achieved. The people are simply too divided.

No, it isn’t fair that a minority group should be handed the power to cause such a division. In particular when this right that they’re marching for is above and beyond the rights of the rest of the community.

Aren’t I being a little unfair? I mean, come on, gays just have no interest in a heterosexual relationship. It’s repugnant to them, right? Why should they be forced to conform to a societies values that run at odds to their own?

And the question ought to be; why should society have to change to accommodate every whim and fancy?

Marraige is one man and one woman. When you have two men or two women you have something else. Marraige was created by God. Does anyone really think He would allow a union expressly forbidden by Him to foul its sanctity?