Saying the things polite Christians don't.

What the Outspoken Christian Herald is all about

We live in a world that is changing more rapidly than at any other time in recorded history. Science is moving explosively, aided by a technological boom that is probably unequaled by any boom of any other kind, anytime, anywhere.

Nations are going bankrupt, others going to war or preparing for it, those that can afford it. Closer to home, mortgages are foreclosing, unemployment is rampant and household names disappear from the supermarket shelves. Crime is out of control.

Traditionally, in times like these, people would turn to the church. The church was trustworthy, a safe haven. But in recent years that image has been tainted by adulterous televangelists, the Prosperity Gospel and other false gospels, and child abuse allegations in the Catholic Church.

Into the mix we have the Information Superhighway and easy travel which have exposed a jaded population to a myriad of alternatives to the traditional church.

Then we have Islam, deserving of a category by itself.

What I have noticed, throughout it all, is that church leaders, by and by, are sitting quietly.

Now this is to be expected of the conservative churches. Let’s not make waves, seems to be battle cry. More and more however, the contemporary, evangelical churches are sitting on their hands. In this litigious age in which a sideways look can be deemed a hate crime, they are understandably hesitant to make noise.

This is where The Outspoken Christian Herald comes in. At present this is a small blog with a small following – and a loud mouth.

I’ll try to tackle topics of a broad concern to Christians, but if you know of something in your local area that should be shouted about, please let me know . . .

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